Burke and Widgeon – A History (Volume One)

If you have just purchased a copy of “Burke and Widgeon – A History (Volume One)” and initially only have a few minutes’ time, carefully read the Preface and the Acknowledgements sections in the beginning of the book. The Preface tells of how this book came into being and discusses some important, overarching themes such as accuracy, the real significance that small ‘patches’ of information can have towards contributing to a larger picture and also the sad truth that when our early residents pass on, their stories often pass with them – forever. The Acknowledgements segment attempts to extend a word of thanks to each of the many people who contributed information that will be recounted in one or both volumes of Burke and Widgeon – A History. Its modest descriptions of those individual contributions often don’t do them sufficient justice as many were truly remarkable! Reading this section also provides one with an appreciation of the significance that small tidbits of information can have towards painting a fuller picture of a community’s past.

Volume One generally covers some of Burke Mountain and the Widgeon’s history during the decades leading up to and often including the 1920s. The words, “some of”, are deliberately chosen. There is always more information available and more stories that need to be told. Let this blog be the start of those stories being brought to life. Volume Two will cover the period from that 1920s decade, up to the formation of Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park in 1995. For any who feel that they may have some stories to relate about the history of Burke and Widgeon – regardless of the time-frame – I really look forward to hearing from you! Please email me at pebblestonepublishing@yahoo.ca

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