about the book

front coverBurke and Widgeon – A History (Volume One) is a long-awaited investigative work that meticulously chronicles the historic beginnings of Northeast Coquitlam’s Burke Mountain and, beyond its slopes, the Widgeon Valley.

Volume One – The Beginnings brings to life this area’s earliest stories, from the era dominated by the Katzie and Kwikwetlam First Nations, to the establishment of the first homesteads in Northeast Coquitlam and Silver (Widgeon) Valley and finally to the enterprises that would shape the area’s future – the early rock quarries, the water and power projects emanating from nearby Coquitlam Lake and the timber kings who arrived to dominate the scene during the first decades of the twentieth century. Their stories are enriched by rare, never-seen-before photographs and from first-hand reminisces of early residents and their kin. For anyone with an interest in local history, this is a must read!

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Volume One – The Beginnings includes:

● hard-cover; dimensions: 12”W x 9”H
● 467 total pages
● approx. 135 rare photographs, many taken over a century ago
● 13 historical aerial photographs, c.1930
● approx. 70 maps and sketches, some more than a century old
● 34 direct quotes from contributors
● the content includes
■ First Nations insights
■ the stories of approx. 100 original homesteaders
■ details about the establishment of East Coquitlam and Silver Valley schools, their teachers, student enrollments and unique photographs
■ narrative about early logging prior to the twentieth century
■ detailed recounting of the water and power supply projects undertaken at Coquitlam Lake
■ fascinating stories about the Timber Kings who arrived on the local scene in the early twentieth century, including rare photographs