Correction regarding Frenchmen’s Bay Brick Factory

Page 164 of Burke and Widgeon – A History (Volume One) had related that Elijah Fader had been involved in establishing the brick factory at Frenchmen’s Bay, located on the west shore of Pitt Lake, not far from Silver Valley, via Cougar Pass.  Recent research has cast serious doubt about his involvement in that brick factory.  Instead, he appears to have established a similar venture, during the time-frame noted on Page 164, on the east shore of Pitt Lake, at Williams Landing.  The background information about Fader, as outlined on Page 164, remains accurate, except for what was thought to be his role in the Frenchmen’s Bay brick factory.  George Taylor’s association with the latter brickworks also remains accurate.  Additional research has confirmed that Taylor was issued a land patent for that Frenchmen’s Bay property on March 21, 1912, and that he did operate a “large brick manufacturing plant” there, at least during 1912 and 1913 as outlined on Page 164 of the book.  How long that plant continued to operate is still not clear. It does appear, though, that by the late 1920s, the land that Taylor had once owned at Frenchmen’s Bay had reverted back to the government due to the non-payment of property taxes.  Now, a century later, conclusive details are sometimes hard to come by.  But, if additional info about this is surfaced, I’ll relate it here, in this blog.

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