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Update re Silver Valley homesteading family – Louis and Isabel Klein

Thanks to the efforts of a recent contributor, Nelson Oliver, we now have a more complete picture of what happened to John “Louis” Klein, his wife, Isabel Klein (nee: Sharpe) and their young family.  It appears that sometime between mid-1917 and the beginning of 1920, Louis and Isabel, using the anglicized surname of Cline, moved with their young family to the southern part of Washington State – just north of Portland, Oregon.  Some years later, they moved further south into Oregon, settling in the general vicinity of Cottage Grove.  There, they continued to expand their family (BTB ten children in all).  Louis passed away there in 1943 (which appears to contradict the 1934 reference to “the late John Louis Klein” which is documented in the British Columbia-Dominion Railway Belt Land File 2457.  Isabel lived on, passing away in Oregon in 1953.