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Additional information about the family of John Louis and Isabel Klein (Cline)

Kin from the United States has recently learned through additional research that it appears that John Klein was previously married to a Caroline Detlofson in Duwamish, King County, WA.  Their marriage occurred on August 13, 1899, and they had a son, Walter Louis Klein, born in Seattle.  John Louis and Caroline apparently continued to live in Duwamish, WA – at least in 1900 – but at some point between 1900 and 1906, their marriage dissolved with the son remaining with Caroline.  The only living son,  Verne, recalls being told that his dad (John Louis Klein) had, at one time, owned a dairy farm in Bellingham, WA but had lost the farm and his herd of cattle during a severe flood.

As noted in Volume One, John Louis Klein married Isabel Sharpe in 1907.  Their kin has now confirmed that John Louis and Isabel had four children who were born in British Columbia, during the general time-frame when they would have been homesteading in Silver Valley: Robert Louis (who was born in New Westminster), William Theodore, Josephine (who died young) and Hazel Dawn.  After the couple moved to the United States, several more children were born to them: Isabelle (born in Washington State) and then Norma, Patricia, John, Priscilla and twins, Verne and Verna, all born in Oregon.  As for John Louis and Isabel, they remained married until their eventual deaths, in Oregon.