about the author

Lyle LitzenbergerGrowing up in rural Alberta, Lyle Litzenberger learned, early on, the benefits of a life lived in small, close-knit communities. That appreciation never left him, even though much of his adult life had been spent living and working in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland metropolitan area. For more than three decades, Lyle had resided on the slopes of Burke Mountain, in Northeast Coquitlam, where he developed an appreciation for Burke that brought him back to his earliest years. After retiring from a career in the R.C.M.P., Lyle continued to call Northeast Coquitlam his home for several more years. It was there that he began, in earnest, his explorations of Burke Mountain and the Widgeon, becoming familiar with the area’s many trails and scenic gems. In 2013, Lyle published his first book, the popular guidebook, Burke and Widgeon – A Hiker’s Guide (about which, more details can be obtained at burkeandwidgeon.com ). The writing of that hiking guidebook for Burke and Widgeon became the genesis of this history book.

In more recent years, he and his wife, Melissa, began pursuing their passion – a love for travelling. Their lifestyle has allowed them to travel throughout much of North America and beyond. All the while, Lyle has been able to continue his extensive research into Burke and Widgeon’s history. His research was so extensive that the material gathered had to be split into two volumes. Burke and Widgeon – A History (Volume One) has been published and is now available for sale, allowing Lyle to turn his focus on the research and writing of the second volume of this two-volume set.

After the publication of the second volume, and upon obtaining the approval of contributors, Lyle is committed to donating, what will then be, his approximately dozen years’ research to the appropriate local archives, for the benefit of future generations.