Who are These Mystery Men?

Back in the summer of 2012, a contributor provided me with an array of excellent photographs, many taken up in the area of Sawblade Falls, on Burke Mountain c.1950. They depicted three individuals – one being Rudy Soball and the other two, unidentified males – all of whom appear to have been out on a relaxed afternoon outing on Burke. In the 1950-1951 era, Bill Brownlee, Jerome Olson and Norm Johnson were actively logging in that specific part of Burke Mountain with the part-time assistance of Rudy Soball who drove a bulldozer, making roads for the logging operation. Unfortunately, although the contributor could readily confirm Rudy Soball in the photos, he was unable to identify the other two males. These are excellent photographs and some should definitely be included within Volume Two of Burke and Widgeon – A History. I can’t begin to relate the amount of time spent and people interviewed in an attempt to establish the identity of these two males. It is hoped that by identifying these two men, new avenues will be opened up and new information thereby garnered. Included here, is one of the photographs depicting the two unidentified men.

Who are these mystery men? If anyone knows their identity or has any information about the early 1950s logging operations on Burke Mountain by Bill Brownlee, Jerome Olson and Norm Johnson, please email me at pebblestonepublishing@yahoo.ca

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