This may be the most important page of this website. But why the blog? What’s its purpose?

Well, there are several answers to these questions. This blog will be the place where special events can be announced and where the author can update readers about the progress of Volume Two. It will also serve as the vehicle in which I can provide additional information and clarifications relating to any information contained within the first volume, particularly if new, additional information comes to light.

But, this blog should be much more than that. Most importantly, this blog will serve as a discussion forum, one that has a central topic, a common thread: local Burke Mountain and Widgeon history. Questions can be asked and answered here. You can ask those questions of me. Or, they can be open in nature, directed towards anyone who may be able to contribute towards an answer. I will also be asking my own questions, looking for answers from anyone who may have them. A community’s history truly is like a patchwork quilt. Every one of us can contribute a ‘patch’. The more contributors, the more patches and the better the ‘quilt’ becomes.

Some of the absolute best contributions to Volume One had inauspicious beginnings. Little tidbits of information which, at first blush, seemed obscure and limited, but often, in the end, netted the most prized collections of stories and rare photographs. The larger point, here, is that a story about any of Burke Mountain and the Widgeon’s early residents can remain obscured forever, for want of someone offering up that information. I sincerely want to hear every one of these stories. Perhaps they can be included within the next volume! Offer them up here, in this blog, if you wish, but certainly, also please privately email me about them. I really do want to hear – and follow up on – the information offered! My email address is:
And, just so that you can also see who you’re writing to, I’ve included my photo here . . . the camera once again just barely escaped breaking, when this shot was taken (lol).

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